The Main Staff

The Founder

Knikolaes Asaru Dravin

PLEASE NOTE: The Founder is currently NOT ACTIVE with the guild. This page is for historical purposes to give insight as to who started the Guild. Knikolaes is slated to return at a later time. Currently, all queries for the management of Dark Haven should go to Artorius instead.

Knikolaes Asaru Dravin, also known as “Knik” (pronounced “Nick”), or “Captain Klaa” (“Claw”) by his Guild-mates, is the founder and current leader of the Guild of Dark Haven. He started the Guild in 1996 (for more details see “History” in the menu to the left).

Currently he is running an at-home business, and has left most of the active Guild operations in the hands of the acting Guild Master, Artorius, so that he made work on building his new house, as well as spiritual enlightenment.

Knikolaes has had extensive experience with the Renaissance Festival, and makes all of the Renaissance Garb he now wears. He used to work with only cloth, but now performs leather work. If you like period clothing, you may want to give his store a visit at

Knikolaes used to do tech support and aviation. However recent events have led him to decide on a more spiritual path, and he has officially rejected all forms of modern technology to lead a historical lifestyle and career in clothing design, swordsmanship and ranger skills.

Guild Master


Knikolaes Asaru Dravin, also known as “Knik” (pronounced “Nick”), or “Captain Klaa” (“Claw”) by his Guild-mates, was the founder and leader of the Guild of Dark Haven. He started the Guild in 1996 (for more details see “History” in the menu to the left). He has now changed his duties and the position is now held by Artorius.

Artorius has been a very loyal member of this organization as well as a defender of freedom in the United States Military. Serving tours in areas such as Afghanistan, he has proven to be a soldier as well as a leader in many ways.

During a recent overhaul of the Guild Leadership, he was quickly chosen as the XO due to loyalty, leadership, actual ability to investgate a situaion objectively before making rash decisions, and not giving in to rumor mills and drama – all qualities that are exremely valuable to any leader in this type of organization.

Executive Officer

Responsible for assisting the Guild master in a leadership role, the XO assumes the position of “First Officer” among the ranks.

Currently the XO is VACANT. Candidates HAVE been selected and a final selection will be made soon.

Chief of Intelligence Operations

Doune Mithrathian Darkshadow

The duties for this position are classified.

Doune Mithrathian Darkshadow has been an indirect part of the Guild since it expanded into becoming an official organization. She is currently the third eldest member of the Guild by length of involvement with operations.

She currently resides and works in Washington DC, and is a vital part of making sure the Guild gets the real answer on current world affairs.

Due to her classified duties, Doune’s name is most likely the only one that is least expected to be seen in the forums, as she communicates directly with the Guild Master and no one else on almost all official matters.

Guild Scribe

Rhamah Taiyo Vasara-Dravin

The scribe in modern duties performs a much similar task as scribes did in medieval times. The modern sense adds in graphic design and photography to perform the tasks at hand.

The current Guild Scribe is Lady Rhamah Taiyo Vasara-Dravin. Lady Dravin has been married to the Founder since 1997. She used to be on the intelligence ops section under Doune, but due to injury has retired from Intel Ops and is now the Scribe. Let the record proudly show that, though the details are classified, she sustained her injury while in the line of duty overseas.

Lady Dravin is trained in modern weapon use, as well as medieval weapon use, hand-to-hand combat, and logisics. She has handled logisics for the Intel department and thus now has plenty of skill to handle Scribe duties and logistics for the Guild.

Research Coordinator


The Research Coordinator has the diligent task of doing just what the title portrays – research. If there is an important piece of history, linguistics or other matter that needs verified or looked into, the Guild will usually turn to the Research Coordinator.

Lady Doll is a trained and accomplished grade school teacher, and her educational background makes her a perfect match for the Research Coordinator position. She has certifications in:

  • Special Education Generalist
  • Elementary Ed
  • Early Childhood Education

She is also currently attending college for a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.

As anyone can plainly see, she is an absolute wonderful fit for a position as Research Coordinator.

Just . . . don’t taunt her with a ruler.

Master’s Paige

Ranielle Sabria Zelphia

The Master’s Paige is basically the personal assistant of the Guild Master and/or Founder. The Paige assists with misc. duties of the Master in order to lighten workload in the physical sense, allowing the leader to concentrate on – well – leading.

This position is assigned to Ranielle Sabria Zelphia. She has been extremely helpful in assisting with support duties while the Founder was going through a very tight situation during the 2010-2011 period. As such she has volunteered and been accepted as the personal assistant to the Founder with pride and honor.

The Knights

First Knight


The First Knight is responsible for holding a military awareness of the safety and security of all Guild members. Any training for self defense and tactical operations is coordinated through the First Knight.

The current First Knight is Dimetra. She is also very involved in other organizations and has been instrumental with fancy sharp thinking with fancy sharp instruments.


Membership is kept private to respect everyone who joins. We don’t mind if you brag about being a member, but everyone else’s privacy must be respected. Members may view the current roster once they are registered on the forum.