Our next project and undertaking is now in motion.  Using various resources from around the internet, we will be making our own version of a Renaissance festival directory.  There are already a few available around the internet, however this one will have compiled information that we consider important for finding a fair that is local to our members, as well as suiting the needs of guild members who wish to make business decisions in case they are looking to open a booth at the faire(s) of their choice. This is NOT going to be a directory aimed at community information, so visitors who are searching for a current directory who stumble upon us here, we will be placing links to public directories so that you may cross reference and make sure the data you are looking for is available to you as well.  We will be using 2 or 3 various directories to compile this information, and will list all directories used so that the original sweat and work that gained this information for us gets proper credit. Once the directory is compiled, it will become a static page linked in the navigation menu on the left here.  Hopefully it will be available within the next 30 days, if all editing goes according to plan.