Our Purpose and Charter

The mission of Dark Haven is simple — the unification of souls of all walks of life, who are willing to drop personal differences in order to uphold a code of chivalry, honor and respect that we believe has been lost through time.

We are proud to have members from all beliefs and traditions, and various cultures, who all band together to uphold what we believe to be right. It is a rare sight indeed to see Christians, Kindred, Pagans, Buddhists and many other religions and cultures agreeing with one another, but here in the Guild of Dark Haven, we all make it happen — because we want nothing more than peace and harmony amongst EVERYONE we share this world with.

For more ideas on what we are about, we highly recommend reading the FAQ.

Our charter is as follows:

By signing up for and accepting membership to the Guild of Dark Haven, I swear to perform the following duties. I understand that direct violation of these duties and expectations will result in discharge and possibly being banned from the Guild forevermore. I thus swear that I will:

  1. Visit the forum at least once every 30 days and make a post. Even if it is a simple “Hello, all. I still exist” message, I will make some sort of effort to show others that I still show interest in my membership here.
  2. I will help others in need if I am able. I will never expect help in return, but rather be satisfied with the fact that I have been selfless and true.
  3. I will never steal from friends, comrades and family.
  4. I will never steal from or cheat a merchant at a Renaissance Festival. I understand that this is a very high offense and will result in immediate lifetime banishment in disgrace from the Guild.
  5. I will do my best to uphold domestic honor to any means allowable by local laws. In an example, if I see someone physically or verbally abusing another, I will do whatever I can by legal means to seek help and/or intervene without causing further harm to myself or others.
  6. I will always take a moment to assist the disabled if I see they are in need and I am nearby.
  7. I will do my best to set a good example of chivalry and honor for younger generations.
  8. I will do my best to educate others in the ways of honor and chivalry WITHOUT forcing it upon others.
  9. I will never harm another for pleasure or greed. Only in self defense. I will also never belittle or emotionally harm anyone.
  10. Any time I am in public or around others, I represent the Guild. As a Guild member, I am always a Guild member regardless of where I am or what I am doing and I will act accordingly. If I am found to be acting in ways that could possibly degrade the image of the Guild, I understand that my membership can be terminated and I could possibly be banned.