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Guide to Our Online Services

Well, the final details of the updates and upgrades to the web site are pretty much complete. This brings us, finally, to a point where we have all of the tools deployed, and it is now up to us as members to start getting our ranks active again.

To kick this off, I am going to give a full summary here of all of our current online services. Online Services as of May 06, 2014: General
  1. Graphics – Our graphics have been updated with the times. Our dragon logo has been overhauled with many new layers in Photoshop to border it with a neat frame that matches our color scheme. It also makes for a badass avatar.
  2. Font – We now use “Felipa” as our official font. This is a Google Font, meaning we can call upon it remotely to display it as text also on our web site. This creates a much better alternative to creating graphics every time we want to splash something with a nice banner or title in our Guild font. The new font also just seems to have a better feel for our genre of Guild as well.
  3. Textures – We have an official scheme across the board now for all of our graphics. To enhance our guild colors, black is now represented by leather, red/maroon is fit with roses and rose petals, and purple is represented by silk fabric.
Web Site
  1. Home Page – The main page of the web site has a new layout to present an array of information, including a dedication banner to former leaders, a listing of our current main staff, important announcements, the latest blog/news postings, and links to our branch social network pages.
  2. About Us, Charter and Staff Pages – No changes here except that it looks prettier now. The staff page will have layouts added later to get it back to a portfolio style like it was before.
Social Networking
  1. Facebook – A private group which is invite only. Guild Members who have a Facebook account can request entry to this group via a link on that group’s page.
  2. Twitter – We will use this as a feed to keep everyone up to speed on things we do as we do them.
RSS Feed
  1. Computerfeed.php?auth=http – The RSS Feed for the forum is password protected using your account info from the forum. In order to subscribe to the feed, use the same username and password as you use for the forum. Otherwise the feed will be blank and not update for you.
  2. Android – As long as you are on an Android device, we VERY highly recommend RSSDemon as it is the only RSS reader for android that supports http authenticated RSS feeds (meaning password protected like ours is). You can use your Android to access the Google Play store and simply search for “RSSDemon” (without the quotes of course). If you want to take a gander at the info from a computer, just go to … RssDemonAd to check it out.

This post is going to become a sticky, and will be updated whenever we make major updates to our online services. Let us know if you have any questions.

New Upgrades!

Now the the Renaissance Directory has launched, we took some of what we learned from that project to inject some new features into this site. I must say it look awesome on both a web browser and a phone! It’s rare to get a site to work fully on both computer and mobile devices. There are a few elements that appear on the computer that do not appear on a phone, but all of the necessities do work and they look great.

Here is a rundown of just a few of the new features we put into the site:

Updated graphics
The Guild Colors are still preserved, keeping elements of our Burgundy and Purple being used more as trim. The leather look represents well the old fashioned feel of our Guild’s honor system, yet trimming it with a feel of modern times. We aimed for a harmonius balance between the two. I’d say we succeeded.
Hall of Fame
Right below the main banner is a hall of fame to give recognition to the leaders of the Guild, both past and present. We wanted to commemorate our Founder, Knikolaes, and let this lead into a visual record of those who followed in his footsteps to keep the Guild alive.
Most Popular
Okay so that is just a listing of the top 6 staff members currently in the Guild. For some reason the code of the CMS system we are using refuses to let us change the words "Most Popular" to "Current Leadership", even though it shows on our Admin side as being changed. But, hey, leadership is popular, right?
On the left side of the front page, you see some banners. These show some major news and events which we want viewers to see firsthand.
Popular News
This will be our news feed to keep everyone updated on what’s happening within the Guild. Of course this is only the public information, with all of the private good stuff remaining on our private forums. Speaking of forums . . .
Forum Integration
The forum now perfectly matches the main web site, and the navigation has been tuned so that you can flip between the two easily and feel as if you are on the same web site.
Social Networking
Originally the Guild avoided social networking in order to accomodate a former member that was not allowed on these types of sites. however, now that he has moved on, we are free to open up the doors and explode into the social connectivity that at least half of you are addicted to. As of this posting, we have a twitter and facebook set up, and we hope to integrate a MySpace soon as well.
RSS Feeds
We always had this, but now it’s better integrated with the site’s navigation so folks can actually subscribe to it.
New Font
Our old font, Windlass, has been replaced with a newer font that is also a Google Font, meaning we are able to integrate it with elements of our site without having to make PNG or JPG files for every single banner, header or title.

We hope you like the changes. These are just a sign that the Guild is not dead. In fact we have plans to use modern technology and social networking to fuel the fires again and get our numbers back up.

If anyone has any issues with this site, please let us know so we can have our system administrator take a look at it.

Renaissance Directory

Our next project and undertaking is now in motion.  Using various resources from around the internet, we will be making our own version of a Renaissance festival directory.  There are already a few available around the internet, however this one will have compiled information that we consider important for finding a fair that is local to our members, as well as suiting the needs of guild members who wish to make business decisions in case they are looking to open a booth at the faire(s) of their choice. This is NOT going to be a directory aimed at community information, so visitors who are searching for a current directory who stumble upon us here, we will be placing links to public directories so that you may cross reference and make sure the data you are looking for is available to you as well.  We will be using 2 or 3 various directories to compile this information, and will list all directories used so that the original sweat and work that gained this information for us gets proper credit. Once the directory is compiled, it will become a static page linked in the navigation menu on the left here.  Hopefully it will be available within the next 30 days, if all editing goes according to plan.