Now that the site has formed and the bugs appear to be worked out, it is time to go over some of the recent changes. After exactly 15 years of holding the title of Guildmaster, Knikolaes Asaru Dravin has changed his position to a new light, “Founder”, delegating the leadership to others whom have earned his trust and respect.  The Guild is still a respective shadow of Knikolaes’ and he still remains the consultant on Guild operations. The Guild is also expanding internationally, with the U.S. branch already being formed and European branch in the process of planning as this article is being written.  So far there are talks in effect with individuals from 3 major regions – U.S., Europe, and Asia.  Russia, geographically , is officially covered on 2 continents, and thus geographically will be split for Guild Members from there as well, with the bulk of the membership most likely falling into the more populated European half of the country. Concerns have arisen over the last few years about associations of the Guild with political movements in the world.  While the bulk of the Guild’s operations are not published, we assure the public that we have no political or judicial agenda.  Our official purpose is that of community among our members, and our members feel strongly that we will never let political views or pressure from larger organizations pressure us into any act or stance that will change who we are. As this site gets re-written, the dead season of winter is approaching for 2012.  The plan is to form and organize, then in summer 2013 we plan to assign and mobilize an events schedule.  Stay tuned for updates right here in the future.